applications forking / not threading

Aaron BRICE aaron.brice at
Thu Dec 9 14:18:36 PST 2004

zareh at wrote:
> For example, when I compile monit on my LFS system, I see that its running
> multiple processes, each one monitoring one of the pids I've told it to
> monitor. When I compile it on my Fedora Core 1 system, I see it running as
> 1 process with multiple threads. I'd like to know why this is.
> The main reason why I'd like to find this out has to do with mimedefang.
> On my LFS system the main process forks 2 child processes, but the main
> mimedefang process will not die unless I kill the last child process, this
> causes a problem in that I will not know what the pid for the last child
> will be.
> mimedefang compiled inside Fedora Core 1 launches 1 process with multiple
> threads and I can simply kill the main mimedefang process witout a
> problem.
> I'd like to know why I cannot compile these 2 applications to use threads.
> Matthias B.

What's your LFS system?

Fedora Core uses NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library) which was introduced 
with 2.6 kernel.  I'm guessing your LFS system is not as new and uses a 
2.4 kernel with the LinuxThreads library.  Under the LinuxThreads 
library, separate threads have a different PID so they look like 
separate processes in ps output, but they are threads.  With NPTL the 
threads share a PID.

To update your LFS system, theoretically you'll have to update to 2.6 
kernel and recompile glibc with nptl support.


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