xdm permissions problem

John Vodden eeyxjav at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Dec 9 02:31:11 PST 2004


I run my machine in runlevel 5 with xdm as the display manager. It seems
to work fine in that I am able to log in without any issues, is fully
customisable etc.

Whenever xdm starts, however, I get the following error:
  xdm error (pid ###): setting process group for daemon failed:Operation
  not permitted

I believe I am running XFree86 xdm itself doesn't appear to have
a "--version" command line argument so I'm not sure what version that is.
It is whatever version came with the XFree86 source.

This error doesn't appear to stop xdm working but is quite untidy and I
would like to get rid of it!


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