Upgrading to GNOME 2.8

Chris Macksey c_macksey at spamSPAMspamitySPAMhotmail.com
Mon Dec 6 09:32:51 PST 2004

S. Anthony Sequeira wrote:
>>>Is it possible to upgrade GNOME 2.6 to GNOME 2.8 in place
>>I did that and got a lot of weird (and annoying) issues. Installing 
>>GNOME 2.8 from scratch (with no previous installation of GNOME), 
>>however, worked fine. Go figure.
> Didn't really want to hear that, but it figures :(

You might be able to avoid the worst of the issues by ditching your 
gconf database/schemas before the install as well as the mime type 
databases - although you'll probably have to re-install all your apps 
afterwards to get them to work :(

Just an idea - it's not like I've actually tried it ;)

Chris Macksey
<c_macksey at DONTspamMEhotmail.com>

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