KPDF is dropping `fi`'s ?

John Gay johngay at
Sun Dec 5 12:50:27 PST 2004

I know that sounds strange but, KPDF is dropping `fi` from any documents it 
displays. I first noticed this with the QT Programming guide and thought it 
might be a problem with that document, but I am now seeing the exact same 
problem with the Ca3D Users Manual, so I suspect KPDF rather than two 
different documents having the same spelling errors.

For and example, here is what I can read excerpted from KPDF:

Nonetheless, I speci  cally created a section Quick Start (on page 5) for 
those who are in a hurry and are experienced with software downloaded from 
the Internet.
  I hope you'll be happy with the Ca3D-Engine. I have done my best to create a 
good product which I will re  ne on an ongoing basis.


You can see how this is slightly difficult to read. The QT Programming Guide 
was even more trouble, as 'file' was always '  le', not an easy thing to 

Has anyone else seen this or have an idea why? Occasionally `fl` is also 
dropped, though not as often.

I'm running KDE-3.2.3 built on LFS-6.0TP KPDF is version 0.3 according to the 
About box.


	John Gay

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