libxpm, security, and icewm

David Jensen djensen at
Sun Dec 5 09:57:34 PST 2004

Declan Moriarty wrote:
> /still occasionally plugging away at a build
> I downloaded Xorg-6.8.1, freetype-2.1.9, got them built, and then
> crapped out in compiling icewm, because of some issue with confdefs.h, 
> which I can't find even on lfs-3.3. I am on a pretty bare lfs-5.0
> (Yeah, I know, but I'm in time freeze :-).
> Has anyone written this up installing Xorg yet?
> Looking for this error, I finally was the last person on the planet to
> notice that libXpm is a security issue, and that patches exist for
> Implicit in LFS appears to be doing things this way: One
> step forward - two steps back! :)
> What package is libXpm in anyhow? 

Have you resolved this yet?

I have the Xpm patch, dont remember where I found it!
It is huge, 54k, and as written requires -Np0.  It applies and works.
Should I re-diff to LFS format and submit?

As far as the condefs.h, that is an autotools thingy (technical term).
Icewm provides an script.  Try:

rm {configure.config.guess,config.sub,aclocal.m4,install-sh}

I may work

David Jensen

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