Current BLFS nALFS-profile anywhere?

Henrik Jacobsson henrik.jacobsson.1245 at
Sun Dec 5 07:20:44 PST 2004

* Thomas Pegg (thomasp at wrote:
> Your looking in the right place, it's just the BLFS profile in SVN is
> not fully up to date yet, still working on bringing up to current SVN
> (which takes a while with as rapid as BLFS moves). I hope to have some
> more updates to the profile today and throughout the rest of the week.

As I browsed through the svn-rep I realized that most of it actually
was up2date.  I just picked the wrong package to verify 'updatedness'
with. :) (ie. Firefox)

Anyway - thanks a million for maintaining the profile.  It really makes
my life easier ATM.  Keep up the good work.     /Henrik

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