Invalid kernel module(solved)

Cliff McDiarmid cliffhanger at
Sun Dec 5 04:56:54 PST 2004

I have a duel boot system and this problem stemmed from a FAT error in windoze.    When Lilo was run it was not copying properly to the MBR, hence I was booting the old kernel each time.   The error 
messages suggested this, but I could not see how it could happen as the old kernel had been moved or backed up.   Someone suggested this elsewhere on the net: 
"I don't believe that lilo embeds any sort of file name reference in the MBR, by rather it uses some sort of direct disk addressing to find the kernel. If that is the case it could still boot the old kernel because that 
data could still exist at its original disk location, even though you've deleted the file or moved it elsewhere. A delete or move within a single file system only operates on the inode of the file, not the actual file 
data. A move across file systems is copy & delete so again only an inode change occurs on the original file"    
Anyway once I moved windoze as a boot choice from lilo everything came right. 
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