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Sat Dec 4 18:19:23 PST 2004

On Sat, 4 Dec 2004, Ken Moffat wrote:

>  I'm running an LFS-5.1 system with abiword-2.0 and X-6.7.0.  I've got a
> document that I created on the previous series of abiword with a
> helvetica font.  When I start abiword from an xterm I can see an error:
> GnomePrint: Requested Helvetica but using Sans
>  I'm guessing I need to get some (more) ttf fonts, and set up some sort
> of alias file somewhere.  Does that sound right ?  Any pointers to where
> the fonts should come from, and how to do the alias file, please ?
>  I've got the Vera and Luxi TTF fonts (of course) or is there something
> better (and free) ?

Answering myself, as usual:

The instructions for adding ttf fonts are on the X Window System
Components page of the book, but the two links there aren't worth the
effort (bitstream vera replaces the freetype fonts, at least in,
and farting about with rpms to extract the M$ cab files isn't going to
find helvetica).

I found a urw-fonts package on a Russian site - this is gpl'd gs fonts
converted to ttf, with added cyrillic glyphs.  It includes some sort of
helvetica and is enough to quieten abiword.

Now that I've done that, what's _really_ interesting is that the
document is all in Times Roman so I guess the helvetica stuff is
abiword's internal fonts.  Oh well, at least it's quiet now.

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