Upgrading to GNOME 2.8

S. Anthony Sequeira tony at sequeira.org.uk
Sat Dec 4 16:49:37 PST 2004

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 00:45 +0000, Ken Moffat wrote:
>  I saw it on -chat !  Standard answer : "Of course it's possible".
> Whether it works or not is a different matter :->

It got through to chat?  I didn't receive it (chat is by email for me).
Looks like there is a problem with my domain forwarder.

>  Sorry, I don't know the answer.  Assuming you dropped back to a
> non-graphical login, perhaps you could tar up the whole of /usr
> and /etc
> before you try ?

I'l tar up everything, got the space, but not the energy to do another
build just yet.  Maybe over the Christmas hols, the laptop needs
updating :)

> Ken

Thanks.  I'll just sidle over to chat and see what has developed over
There's a fine line between courage and foolishness. Too bad it's not a

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