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Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Fri Dec 3 01:17:52 PST 2004

> > It's a 4.1 :-) with libc 2.3.1. The trouble is I think the old maple
> > program I want to install is for libc5. I saw messages about this on the
> > net. So I wonder where and how I could install the libc5 to support this
> > old program.
>  I've little idea what mapleV was (some sort of commercial maths
> language, by the look of what I found).  A quick google found me
> which suggests you need libc4 (that could be a typo) and its associated
>  Other hits talked about ZMAGIC binaries.  But it was
> obviously an old and obscure product back in the days of RH-6.0.  I
> thought maybe you would need a.out support in your kernel, but see my
> last paragraph.
>  I found a reference to maple6 saying it shipped with its own C
> libraries and didn't work with glibc-2.2, so you might do better looking
> for a complete installation of it and putting that outside the normal
> directories.
>  Looks like software archaeology will probably be involved.  Maybe look
> for guides on how to upgrade to libc6 (from libc5) and see if they hint
> how to reverse the process.

One system is _exactly_ what you guys seem to need
Tomsrtbt uses libc5, kernel 2.2.x recently, and can compile, iirc. If
not, you can pick up a matching compiler.

Aside from the basic floppy, there's a host of extras hidden
somewhere. The basic floppy is kept up to date with things like ext3
support, e2fsck-1.27 (first version to support ext3 well) and uses
programs set up for with by 'linking against it'

AFAIK, you can compile on a libc5 system, throw a copy of in
/lib, and you're in business. Similarly, you can link programs against instead of, and that works as well. Don't ask me
how to do the latter one, but the tomsrtbt archives
help as might this

What is Lua, anyhow?
     All the Best


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