Thomas Trepl ttrepl at yahoo.de
Thu Dec 2 21:59:12 PST 2004

Archaic wrote:

>> I generally dislike the idea of maintaining data using administration
>> UI's. I'd allways prefer programs which does consistency checks,
>> pre-settings etc. which admin tools usually don't. That's independent of
>> the backend db.
> But when you have customer service doing the data entry, you don't
> really have the option to train them on administration.
Indeed, that is what i wanted to say. I think an easy data entry/maintenance
program is allways needed.

> At this point here is what people need to be authenticated for:
> Webmail
> SSH (though that may stay in /etc/passwd for now since most users only
>      have shell access on certain systems, not all of them)
that all may depend on the pam configuration

> Windows/Linux local logins (Roaming profiles are not used)
Samba authentication against LDAP is possible, but (imho not very easy). You
have to setup a huge schema in the tree.

> In-house web and java apps
There are JAAS modules which can used for accessing LDAP trees.



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