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Thu Dec 2 15:55:38 PST 2004

On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 12:24:56AM +0100, Thomas Trepl wrote:
> I think it depends on the "size" of the hole environment. If you're having
> some Novell's around, some Windozzes, some Linuxes and so on, then I think,
> you will do better with LDAP cause all of them can use that db as backends.

In the scenario I'm discussing, there will be a mix of Linux and Win2k,
XP, and 2k3.

> I generally dislike the idea of maintaining data using administration UI's.
> I'd allways prefer programs which does consistency checks, pre-settings
> etc. which admin tools usually don't. That's independent of the backend db.

But when you have customer service doing the data entry, you don't
really have the option to train them on administration.

At this point here is what people need to be authenticated for:

SSH (though that may stay in /etc/passwd for now since most users only
     have shell access on certain systems, not all of them)
Windows/Linux local logins (Roaming profiles are not used)
In-house web and java apps


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