Thomas Trepl ttrepl at yahoo.de
Thu Dec 2 15:24:56 PST 2004

Hi Archaic,

> I'm looking into LDAP and SQL but would like to solicit opinions by
> people who actually use them for centralized account information and
> authentication.
I think it depends on the "size" of the hole environment. If you're having
some Novell's around, some Windozzes, some Linuxes and so on, then I think,
you will do better with LDAP cause all of them can use that db as backends.
> I'm most interested in the pros and cons of the technologies and what
> kind of user-friendly interfaces might exist for administration by both
> admins and, to a lesser degree, users to change their personal info
> and passwords.
I generally dislike the idea of maintaining data using administration UI's.
I'd allways prefer programs which does consistency checks, pre-settings
etc. which admin tools usually don't. That's independent of the backend db.
> Is anyone here running such a setup?
Yup, we have about 2500 users in the Lotus Notes database. Our
web-applications (on Linux/Tomcat) are using the LDAP instance for
authentication and for authorization. In the next future we'll setup
Novell's E-Directory (usable as LDAP-server) as a central repository in
order to connect all of our platforms to it. The most common standard on
such installations seems to be LDAP.
But surely, LDAP requires a bit more reading for understanding then
organization of the data. Just think about multible values for one
attribute; impossible on a SQL-DB where one attribute (field) can have
exactly one value per row.



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