About ESP Ghostscript and GTK+-1.2.10

dienadel no at use.this.es
Wed Dec 1 10:04:17 PST 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> The thing is, once you remove the path to the libs from /etc/ld.so.conf
> and re-run ldconfig, the applications will no longer be able to find
> that library.  The proper way of doing this would be to link statically
> to glib/gtk - but I'm not sure how you could force that.

You have reason. I have tested it installing GTK-1.2 and Glib-1.2 in /opt,
and "ldd-ing" a gtk-lib file. If /opt/glib/lib wasn't in ld.so.conf, it
can't find it.

I thought that ld.so.conf was used by the system to compile, not to use in
"production-mode". A bad concept, now it's ok.

So i could compile any package with the required libraries in /opt, and
then, reinstall that library in /usr/local (for example). If i change
properly the ld.so.conf, all will go ok. Good thing.

Thanks, all days a new thing is learned


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