About ESP Ghostscript and GTK+-1.2.10

dienadel no at use.this.es
Wed Dec 1 09:15:18 PST 2004


I'm trying to build my BLFS without GTK. In the chapter related to install
ESP Ghostscript, is said that "Some packages (ImageMagick is one) need the
Ghostscript headers in place to link to the shared library". But, to
install the shared library libgs.so I will need GTK+-1.2.10.

In the chapter 10, related to install imagemagick (i need it) there is no
dependencies, nor recommended, nor optional, to GTK+-1.2.

I've think to do this:
Install GTK in /opt/GTK+-1.2.10. Add /opt/GTK+-1.2.10/lib to ld.so.conf and
build - install ESP Ghostscript with the shared libraries. When the shared
library will be build and installed, remove the previous line in the
ld.so.conf, and re-type ldconfig. This way is not perfect, because i'll
have GTK, but the only package that will know it, will be libgs.so.

But, before installing GTK, is required that i build GLib-1.2.10, that i
don't want :-) here, i'd make in the same way explained before.

What i want, is a system that doesn't know of the existance of, nor GTK, nor
Glib-1.2. Only a few packages that can't live without them.

What do you think?



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