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El Miércoles 30 de Julio de 2003 13:04, Aaron Brice escribió:
> I can't get my USB mouse to work.  I can load the hid, input, mousedev,
> usbcore modules, but when attempting to load the usb-uhci module, I get
> an error that looks something like:
> usb-uhci.o: init_module: Can't locate device
> I'm paraphrasing there, sorry, I've been having this problem at work but
> I didn't want to subscribe my work address in fear of spam and I can't
> check my home email from work...
> I searched the archives and usually people that have this problem have

Try here:

And don't worry about spam, I've been here for a couple of months with this 
mail address (exclusive for LFS lists) and never got any spam.

> it because USB is not enabled in their BIOS.  But in my case the same PC
> boots into Mandrake just fine and an lsmod shows that the usb-uhci
> module is loaded.  So I'm looking for a reason why Mandrake would be
> able to load the usb-uhci module and the LFS partition wouldn't?

Well, Mandrake is a totally different distro ;-)
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