Xfree86 and 2.6-test1 kernel

DJ Lucas dj at lucasit.com
Wed Jul 30 16:45:37 PDT 2003

Has anyone monkeying around with 2.6 tried to build X?  They put a 
testcase for the preprocessor in one of the source files.  The testcase 
does not work on my system.  The error that gcc will retrun is:
lnx_io.c: 90: no member named 'rate'.

It comes from a change in the kernel headers.  You won't see this if you 
are using the sanitized headers like you are supposed to, because they 
are not changed there yet.  I don't know why the testcase does not work 
for me, but I was wondering if anybody else has run into this not 
working.  The fix is simple to get around...I even wrote a patch for it 
for right now, but I don't quite understand why the testcase workaround 
does not work.  Here is the original workaround taken directly from the 
X source:

/* Deal with spurious kernel header change */
#if defined(LINUX_VERSION_CODE) && defined(KERNEL_VERSION)
#  define rate period
# endif

This same testcase is not in lnx_kbd.c (the next erronous file).

That just does not look correct to me...and it dosen't work here.

Anywho, here is the patch to make it compile correctly, wether this will 
be needed in blfs is undetermined, but for the future it'll work 
properly.  But better, would be if somebody who knows just a bit more 
than how to fix minor compile errors, could fix that testcase, and send 
it to the upstream developers.  I suppose it really should check the 
minor version number for '6' for the production Xfree86 code.

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