2.6.0-test kernel and pty problems

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Wed Jul 30 14:24:25 PDT 2003

Hey all!

Hoping to enlist the services of those of you who've been playing with
2.6.0-test* kernels.  I'm having a little problem with it.  First off,
2.4.21 works just fine and dandy, no problems found.  But, with
2.6.0-test2, suddenly applications cannot get pty's.  I've checked the
kernel configuration, and everything appears to be normal.  However,
there's one possible issue - I do use devfs, so I'm wondering if devfs
in 2.6 is still buggy in this respect.  Anyone else been experimenting
and have any ideas on what I should look for?  I've tried to search the
web, with no luck.

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