[LONG] Maintaining several identical installations of (B)LFS

Norbert Möndjen Norbert.Moendjen at t-online.de
Wed Jul 30 09:29:34 PDT 2003

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> Also, we are probably unable to use the full speed of our network. The
> HUB (sorry, nobody is going to buy a switch) indicates the network
> utilization of 30% (i.e. 30 Mbit/s) dufing dd if=/dev/zero
> of=/some/file/on/nfs (other clients are typing something in
> OpenOffice). The old server and 50% of the clients has 3c905 as a
> network card. Other 50% of the clients and a new server have Intel
> EtherExpress 100 and complain about downgrading to half-duplex. During
> the high load, there are occasional messages of duplex mismatch also
> from 3c905 driver.

There is absolutly no possibility to have duplex if you use an hub. If
you nail your cards to duplex with an hub you will slow-down your net

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