USB problem

Aaron Brice abrice2 at
Wed Jul 30 09:04:45 PDT 2003

I can't get my USB mouse to work.  I can load the hid, input, mousedev,
usbcore modules, but when attempting to load the usb-uhci module, I get
an error that looks something like:

usb-uhci.o: init_module: Can't locate device

I'm paraphrasing there, sorry, I've been having this problem at work but
I didn't want to subscribe my work address in fear of spam and I can't
check my home email from work...

I searched the archives and usually people that have this problem have
it because USB is not enabled in their BIOS.  But in my case the same PC
boots into Mandrake just fine and an lsmod shows that the usb-uhci
module is loaded.  So I'm looking for a reason why Mandrake would be
able to load the usb-uhci module and the LFS partition wouldn't?


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