puts gun to head and pulls trigger!!!!!!!!!

marc brady mbrady4 at nc.rr.com
Tue Jul 29 17:53:51 PDT 2003

Who or what is requesting "libqt-mt.la"? There is no such file
within qt-3.1.2, but there is within qt-3.2.0 (build with the
exact same commands as qt-3.1.2). Are you trying to build 
something that requires qt-3.2.0?


this might be a guess but my kdelibs 3.1.2 is failing out with an error 
saying that libqt-mt.la is missing in the libarts section of the build.but 
since u mentioned qt-3.2 u might have hit the nail on the head.The arts 
package was built with qt-3.2 and when i got rid of it and installed qt-3.1.2 
i forgot to rebuild arts. ill check that out but once i rebuild that all will 
prolly be fine ill let you know

thank you

Marc Brady

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