'ssh as a user' problem

S. Anthony Sequeira tony at sequeira.com
Tue Jul 29 16:09:42 PDT 2003

Thomas de Roo wrote:
> Op Tuesday 29 July 2003 15:39, schreef S. Anthony Sequeira:
>> This thread continuing.
>> 24359.html
>> I have hit the same problem.
> <snip>
> Hello,
> Maybe not encouraging, but when I reported this problem last year, I
> couldn't find a solution, until I got so fed up with it, I just
> removed everything related to ssh, and re-installed it. Somehow the
> problem was gone...
> I hope you find a 'nicer' solution (i.e. really fix it), because this
> did not satisfy me at all.
> HTH,
> Thomas

Relating to?  How?  All dependencies I presume, which is openssl IIRC.
I'll have a go.  It's a weirdo OK.

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