glibc check errors

Rob van Dam rvand000 at
Tue Jul 29 11:11:13 PDT 2003

I had errors checking glibc because I used binutils instead of

I had to rebuild my system because of problems later on with KDE.


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esaul a écrit:
> Anyone else had errors on 'make check' for glibc? I tried it *exactly*
> according to the lfs instructions twice!

Which test fails ?
If it is the tst-atime, then this might mean that the file-system 
hosting your Glibc source is mounted with the 'noatime' option. Remount 
it with '-o atime' and it should be OK ...
Unless ... On my system, this same test always fails if the host 
file-system is JFS. It works fine with Ext2 / Ext3, so there might be 
something about JFS' way of storing times and dates, or the metadata 
stuff ...


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