OO experts?? (was Editing PDFs)

Allen Crider allen at swnews.net
Tue Jul 29 10:58:40 PDT 2003

Declan. Moriarty wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 09:29:15PM +0800, NG WEY HAN enlightened us
> thusly
>> Quoting "Declan. Moriarty" <declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie>:
>> > I did find ps2eps. So I read the form in Abrobat Reader, opened in
>> > OO, and all I could see was a title description and a bounding box
>> > for the image nicely and safely calculated by ps2eps. When I printed
>> > this apparently blank page, I got the form! But this lack of wysiwyg
>> > did prevent any meaningful editing of it. Having sent off the info
>> > under trusty old vim and mutt, I could still fiddle up the bit I
>> > have to swear at this end. But that's a triviality really.
>> I believe you need to turn on an option in OO to see the underlying
>> eps.  Check under OO's "option/preference | view" to see if there is
>> anything you can turn on for OO to display the content instead of just
>> the frame. I don't have a copy of OO lying around so I can't verify
>> where in OO you set this option.
>> Also, you might want to try to open a new document and paste from
>> file. I am not sure about opening it in OO is what you really want but
>> might work for you.
>> HTH.
> Well, It's the usual OO story.
> Looking for one option, I found 5000 or so. I checked a few aned
> unchecked a few but none looked the least like what you want, although
> what you are saying is perfectly reasonable.
> I shut OO and reopened it just to be sure, before loading an .eps file.
> No dice.

I went through the process and discovered that OO doesn't render an eps
preview unless a preview is included inside the eps file itself.
Ghostscript doesn't seem to create a preview, and pdf2eps doesn't either.

I fired up Scribus and it not only imported (and generated a preview) but
also imported the first page of a pdf file.

Scribus is a KDE desktop publishing app and recently released version 1.0.
It isn't very good for long documents, but for most other things it is

> I did try Abiword, only to get 199 pages of text from an eps file. But
> it didn't hang, which was unusual.
> Any OO experts out there can sort this one?

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