problems with network setup sis900 in 10baseT mode

Rob van Dam rvand000 at
Tue Jul 29 10:50:07 PDT 2003

I finally got it working I used the following startup script:

ifconfig eth0 up netmask 
sleep 5
mii-diag -A 10baseT-FD eth0
sleep 10
mii-diag -A 10baseT-FD eth0
sleep 5

After the "random" script I start up dhcpcd.

And yes everything works perfect!

>That's a shame.  Try something wireless.  Telephone cable is not
>ethernet.  I'd catch hell on this list if I told you _exactly_ what I
>thought of someone trying to run 10base-T over telephone cable...
>although in this case I suspect the vast majority of them are thinking
>the exact same thing.  If you want to use that wire, stick a 33.6k
>on each end.

Wireless modems have a reach up to 100 meters through free air (not
through walls etc.) So this is no option to me.
>> It works perfectly in Windows so why should it work under Linux?

>"It works perfectly in Windows" is a lame response and don't expect me
>to fall for it.  Generally the only reason people get this idea is
>because Windows doesn't let them notice how _badly_ things are
performing.  >Additionally... I am _pretty damn certain_ that it is
>working perfectly under Windows.

Not for me. It was the proof that it must be possible to get everything
working, and a big motivation to keep on trying. 

And it works, believe me. (I spend hours on internet by now, downloading
lots of stuff for example a complete Mandrake distribution, without

>Cisco can get gigE over old coathangers, but you are clearly not them.
>If you want to run your network over piano strings and foil bubblegum
>wrappers, that's your decision, but don't expect other people to

I am not an expert, but I read several sites explaining that a 10 mbit
network is possible through telephone cable, because a 10 mbit network
doesn't cause much interference etc. and 100 mbit does.
>BTW, HTML mail sucks.

Oops, sorry!
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