OO experts?? (was Editing PDFs)

NG WEY HAN meehoon at pd.jaring.my
Tue Jul 29 10:31:46 PDT 2003

Quoting "Declan. Moriarty" <declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie>:  
> Well, It's the usual OO story.  
> Looking for one option, I found 5000 or so. I checked a few aned  
> unchecked a few but none looked the least like what you want,  
> what you are saying is perfectly reasonable.  
Now that I have an OO for reference...  
Try this:  
In "Tools|Options" navigate to "Text Document|View" from the left  
panel. Under the Display headings make sure you have check  
everything except for "Field Codes".  
That should do it. Though I suspect you are using "open" rather then  
"insert". That might not work. See below.  
> I shut OO and reopened it just to be sure, before loading an .eps  
> file.  
> No dice.   
Instead of Open, try "Insert|Graphics|From file..." From there, choose  
"EPF" format and select your eps file.  
> I did try Abiword, only to get 199 pages of text from an eps file. But  
> it didn't hang, which was unusual.  
eps format is basically text. most wp will treat it as text and show you 
the text instead of the graphics it represent. Most of the time you will 
need to import or insert it rather then opening it.  
> Any OO experts out there can sort this one?  
I don't claim to be...  
PS: I'm using version 1.0.2. If you are using 1.1.x I have not use it before  
and I gather from the OOo website, the menu might be different. YMMV.  
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