'ssh as a user' problem

S. Anthony Sequeira tony at sequeira.com
Tue Jul 29 10:00:49 PDT 2003

Douglas J Hunley wrote:
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> Guenter Hopf shocked and awed us all by speaking:
>> hi,
>> i've got exactly the same problem here. i got three machines, that
>> have openSSH set up in exaclty the same way (same version, configure
>> options, config file and PAM control file), it works on one machine,
>> on the other two, it does not.
>> pubkey authentication works on all the machines, however.
>> the only real difference between the machines is that the one which
>> works as expected is the NIS server, while the other two are NIS
>> clients.
>> so i guess it might have sth to do with NIS, but i didn't find a
>> solution either (and as pubkey auth works, i havent been looking
>> hard).
> I had similar issues with ssh once, and it turned out to be the
> permissions on /dev/tty (it should have been chmod 666). can you guys
> check this?

Nope, doesn't change a thing.  The funny thing is that the machine
being ssh'ed to gets invalid password entries.  Weird.

Jul 29 14:16:20 quasar sshd[31864]: Failed password for sherwin from port 32770 ssh2

BTW, I'm now subscribed, so please don't cc me.


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