problems with network setup sis900 in 10baseT mode

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar.wants at
Tue Jul 29 09:59:48 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-07-29 at 11:25, Rob van Dam wrote:
> >Stop screwing around and use an actual ethernet cable.  4 wires is a
> >_telephone_ cable.  You may have noticed it's got a little extra space
> >on each side of the connector.  Cat 3/5 ethernet is *8* wires.  No more,
> >no less.
> >To get you marginally up to speed, cat 3 cable is suitable for 10base-T,
> >and cat 5 is suitable for 100base-T.  The cat rating (category) is more
> >or less related to the number of twists in the pairs of wires that run
> >through it, because those twists reduce interference.  ...and yes, you
> >can save yourself headaches by simply buying only cat 5 cables because
> >they can handle 10base-T just fine.
> >RJ-11 != RJ-45, m'kay?
> When I had the choice I would use 8 wired cable. But I have to dig
> about 60 meters and remove about 50 meters of pavement.

That's a shame.  Try something wireless.  Telephone cable is not
ethernet.  I'd catch hell on this list if I told you _exactly_ what I
thought of someone trying to run 10base-T over telephone cable...
although in this case I suspect the vast majority of them are thinking
the exact same thing.  If you want to use that wire, stick a 33.6k modem
on each end.

> It works perfectly in Windows so why should it work under Linux?

"It works perfectly in Windows" is a lame response and don't expect me
to fall for it.  Generally the only reason people get this idea is
because Windows doesn't let them notice how _badly_ things are
performing.  Additionally... I am _pretty damn certain_ that it is *not*
working perfectly under Windows.

Cisco can get gigE over old coathangers, but you are clearly not them.
If you want to run your network over piano strings and foil bubblegum
wrappers, that's your decision, but don't expect other people to support

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