Doubt regarding ATI-radeon

Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Jul 29 09:55:31 PDT 2003

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, layman wrote:

> I am sorry for this repitative type question,But i
> want to clarify myself.
> I dont enable, radeon module in Kernel-drm.
> I install Xfree86 and I dont update the XFree86-drm
> with the kernel-DRm. Because of my negative first
> step.
 No, no, no!

 The reason for not building _any_ of the kernel's drm drivers is that
although X can load them, it moans about the version being too old, and
in practice you will get zero speedup.

 The 2.4 kernels have options to build for X-4.0 and X-4.1 drm only.
I'm hoping 2.6 is sufficiently up to date to just work with X-4.3, but I
haven't tested it yet.

 If you build X's drm drivers (using the same version of gcc as you used
to build the kernel) then install the drm modules into the
/lib/modules/... hierarchy where the kernel modules would have been, X
can then load them and get acceleration.

> Now will my ATI radeon card will function under X.

 A radeon should work (unaccelerated) under X even without the drm

> I am asking this so that i dont have to worry about
> updating the Xfree86-DRM with the Kernel-DRM everytime
> I recompile my kernel.

 Bad luck, but you do need to recompile these every time (just like
every other out-of-kernel module).  Search the blfs-dev archives for
Kelledin's link to his XFree86-DRM-4.3.0 stuff.  He extracted the drm
modules and fixed up the Makefile so that all of them would build
without the rest of the X tree being built.  Using his tar, it doesn't
take any length of time to rebuild the drm modules after rebuilding your
kernel.  If you feel brave, you could probably put these in something
like /lib/modules/2.4-generic/ and get away with using from there, but
sooner or later a kernel rebuild will break them, or they'll break
something else in the kernel, so it's easier and safer to build them
afresh each time.

 Peace, love, linux

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