problems with network setup sis900 in 10baseT mode

Rob van Dam rvand000 at
Tue Jul 29 09:25:03 PDT 2003

>Stop screwing around and use an actual ethernet cable.  4 wires is a
>_telephone_ cable.  You may have noticed it's got a little extra space
>on each side of the connector.  Cat 3/5 ethernet is *8* wires.  No
>no less.
>To get you marginally up to speed, cat 3 cable is suitable for
>and cat 5 is suitable for 100base-T.  The cat rating (category) is more
>or less related to the number of twists in the pairs of wires that run
>through it, because those twists reduce interference.  ...and yes, you
>can save yourself headaches by simply buying only cat 5 cables because
>they can handle 10base-T just fine.
>RJ-11 != RJ-45, m'kay?
When I had the choice I would use 8 wired cable. But I have to dig about
60 meters and remove about 50 meters of pavement.
It works perfectly in Windows so why should it work under Linux?
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