Problem compiling transcode.

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Jul 28 14:22:45 PDT 2003

Steve Campbell wrote:

> As for Nasm I have a version higher than the one required, do you still 
> think it may be worth my while going for the latest?
> I merely overlooked results pertaining to nasm as I thought my version was 
> ok.
> Thanks, I'll have a crack at nasm and see what happens

Perhaps that is a lack of proper documentation.  I do not know as I 
haven't messed with transcode recently.  Apearently it is a major FAQ on 
the support lists for it, juding from this somewhat bothered reply:

> On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Florian Birkenfeld wrote:
>> I have installed that "nasm" but don't know, whar it does. Can anyone tell 
>> me, what I have to go to get transcode running?
> Yes! Read the archive of this mailing list and/or search for your error
> message. You will find this questions asked and answered a million times,
> every time by 
> "Your version of nasm is outdated. Go to and download
> a recent one."
> Christoph 
> P.S. nasm is the Assembler that translates the optimized parts of
> transcode into object code. A "man nasm" will tell you more. 

That definately seems it would be the next thing to look at.  Failing 
that, get on that list and let them know what's up, and be sure to 
mention the verisons of nasm.  Good luck,


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