dhcp net connection fails

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Mon Jul 28 09:08:34 PDT 2003

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> My internet connection is dynamic IP, I am using BLFS,
> DHCP-3.0pl2.  
> During init it gives an error, Unforseen error occured
> in K80network. 
> My network card has been Installed using the kernel
> successfully and is present at eth0. 
> I think my configuration as given on Blfs book has
> some mistakes. But i dont know what. 
> So I request anybody to Attach and send the following
> scripts to me BY replacing the ip-numbers with
> <ip-address> likewise for gateway,dns...
> The scripts that i need are :: 
> ifup-eth0
> ifdown-eth0
> ifconfig.eth0
> dhclient.conf
> network
> resolv.conf
> Thanks in advance.

Please don't repost - and the correct scripts for enabling DHCP are in
BLFS.  If you're having problems, use all that knowledge you've gained
building your LFS to deubg them.


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