Configure FTP services

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Mon Jul 28 08:41:42 PDT 2003

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> Hi,
>       I have installed Linux from Scratch 4.0 on my intel 
> machine and am
> now on BLFS. Although the installation went smooth but have 
> been facing
> problem in configuring the system. After configuring talent 
> daemon I am
> now stuck on FTP. How do I start the FTP services on my machine. One
> major problem I found on my system is that I do not see any in.* (
> in.telnetd, intftpd, etc..) files in /usr/sbin directory, these files
> have been referenced by xinetd.conf. I started the telent daemon by
> copying the in.telent daemon from my RedHat system but now 
> when I copied
> the in.tftpd I am facing problems start the FTP services.
> In brief
> - How do I start FTP services.
> - What package installs in.* files on the system. I installed all the
> packages from LFS4.0 and I do not find any package in BLFS which
> installs these files.
> Thanks for the help.
> Rgds,
> Amit

Try ProFTPd.



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