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Amit Mehra amitm at
Mon Jul 28 06:31:19 PDT 2003

      I have installed Linux from Scratch 4.0 on my intel machine and am
now on BLFS. Although the installation went smooth but have been facing
problem in configuring the system. After configuring talent daemon I am
now stuck on FTP. How do I start the FTP services on my machine. One
major problem I found on my system is that I do not see any in.* (
in.telnetd, intftpd, etc..) files in /usr/sbin directory, these files
have been referenced by xinetd.conf. I started the telent daemon by
copying the in.telent daemon from my RedHat system but now when I copied
the in.tftpd I am facing problems start the FTP services.

In brief
- How do I start FTP services.
- What package installs in.* files on the system. I installed all the
packages from LFS4.0 and I do not find any package in BLFS which
installs these files.

Thanks for the help.

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