Problem compiling transcode.

Steve Campbell goondennews at
Mon Jul 28 01:05:07 PDT 2003

DJ Lucas wrote:

> Steve Campbell wrote:
> <Snip>
>> memcpy.s:197: parser: instruction expected
>> Can anyone enlighten me as to ahy, and what I may be able to do about it?
>> To me it looks like something has gotten up nasm's nose rather than gcc.
> 5 seconds of google's time, using the error message above yeilded two
> possible solutions.  Upgrade nasm, it's too old.  Or, re-install of the
> mjpeg tools worked in one instance.  Pop the above line into google for
> more info.
> DJ
I tried google and came up with the same thing regarding mjpeg, I 
recompiled and reinstalled it, no joy :(
The message I found ab0out it was cryptic to say the least, it just said 
"mjpeg wasn't compiled well". Recompiling did no good, perhaps options need 
to be changed?

As for Nasm I have a version higher than the one required, do you still 
think it may be worth my while going for the latest?
I merely overlooked results pertaining to nasm as I thought my version was 
Thanks, I'll have a crack at nasm and see what happens

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