XFree86 (cvs) & xfs

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998 at anciens.enib.fr
Mon Jul 28 00:28:13 PDT 2003

On Monday 28 July 2003 03:07, you (Dagmar d'Surreal) wrote :
 > On general principle, is the best bet for safety's sake, since
 > you can (with some luck) prevent other schmucks on the internet from
 > attaching to it there, and it involves the fewest moving pieces.  The
 > port number you can leave at the default.

Well, I think I can trust other machines with no problem : it's
my home network :-)

 > No idea.  Checking log files would help tho.  What you _need_ to do is
 > make certain it's running after you think you've started it.  Do a ps
 > -ef | grep xfs to check for it in the process list.  Do a netstat -tunap
 > | grep xfs (as root) to spot that it's actually bound to the port it's
 > supposed to bind to.  Then lastly, check that it's properly accepting
 > connections and not just stuck there by telnetting to that port on
 > localhost.  The connection should _completely_ open.  The odds are at
 > least one of these tests will fail.

OK, will do this tonight when back from work (which make me think I'm
a bit late today :-/)

 > > In the meantime, I recompiled X, and now xfs spits out something
 > > regarding inet6, stating it can't somewhat open a socket, which I
 > > suppose is related to IPv6, which my kernel does _not_ support (on
 > > purpose!). But xfs says no such thing for inet4 (or whatever IPv4 is).
 > > Weird again... I assume it can initialize itself for IPv4.
 > Okay, that should be a big warning sign right there.  Assuming is
 > dangerous.  It's likely it's hitting the IPv6 error and bailing out
 > entirely, but see above.

Yes, you're right. Assuming can be dangerous! I'll be more cautious
next time! ;-)

 > You might wish to take Bruce's suggestion to heart and just quit trying
 > to use xfs as standalone.  He's right, it's pretty much useless now
 > unless you've got literally many thousands of fonts and have them
 > installed on central machine on your local network.

Hmmm. See my response to his post.

Thanks again!


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