Requesting assistance on PCTV

Justin Knierim lfs at
Sun Jul 27 06:19:57 PDT 2003

Im Auftrag von Horacio Ferrero
> Is there someone making work the Pinnackle PCTV Pro (the one 
> with IR command and FM-Radio. There is a couple of years 
> thath it drives not problem to make it working. There is a 
> lot of tips written about that. 
> But this model of PCTV cannot work correctly.


I have mine working under linux.  I could not find much information
about it either, but there was one very good website, that tells really
how to get everything setup, even for the remote control and radio!  I
have setup mostly how it is on this site, and it worked right away.  The
website is:

There it talks about the bttv driver, xawtv, the remote with lirc, and
the radio with bttv radio.  It is hard at first to setup the card, since
you must give the modules parameters, for example from the website
"options card=52 and radio=1".  Not too hard, and I have done this and
it works.
> The card itself seems to work because I've a webcam connected 
> to the vide input connector of the board, and selecting 
> "composite 1" I get the webcam image displawed on the xawtv 
> screen. But, if I select "television", no image is poutput to 
> the screen excepting a "noise" displayed on the screen. I 

I had this exact same problem!  The tuner most likely is working, but if
you try to tune to a specific channel, you might have to adjust the
frequency (or whatever it is called) up and down a bit to get the
signal.  I had to fight with it for around 15 minutes until it tuned in
well.  I did have one other problem, with full screen or with a slightly
"large" window, it would look terrible and the picture was not being
updated enough. But that is the next problem.  ;)

> The most funny thing is that it works in all MS Windows 
> configuration. Also the radio is working fine.

Yes, mine works great under windows also.  It is just the tuning of the
station that is a pain.  You can use the arrow keys, to move the channel
up and down, and then also to adjust around the area of the channel.
What channel number are you trying to tune, maybe I can help you a bit!
> If someone have made it working, please say how to do that.
> Thans in advance
> Regards  

Hope I could help.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Justin Knierim
Lfs at jrknierim dot de

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