Requesting assistance on PCTV

Horacio Ferrero horace.linux at
Sun Jul 27 04:30:51 PDT 2003

Is there someone making work the Pinnackle PCTV Pro (the one with IR
command and FM-Radio.
There is a couple of years thath it drives not problem to make it
working. There is a lot of tips written about that. 
But this model of PCTV cannot work correctly.

The card itself seems to work because I've a webcam connected to the
vide input connector of the board, and selecting "composite 1" I get the
webcam image displawed on the xawtv screen.
But, if I select "television", no image is poutput to the screen
excepting a "noise" displayed on the screen. I suspect that the tuner is
not working. I'd configured and tested many card types but no TV image 

The most funny thing is that it works in all MS Windows configuration.
Also the radio is working fine.

If someone have made it working, please say how to do that.

Thans in advance
Horacio Ferrero <horace.linux at>

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