2.6.0-test1 and lilo

esaul esaul at reggaetrain.com
Sat Jul 26 21:23:59 PDT 2003

The new kernel compiled just fine, but when booting with it, I get:

'VFS: Cannot open root device "345" or "hdb5" (yes, this is where I put my
LFS partition, and it boots fine with 2.5.74)
Please append a correct "root =" boot option.
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on hdb5'

The ext2 support is compiled in the kernel, and I believe, the kernel is
properly configured. So, I looked around, and I found this:


It had worked for people who replaced the option "root = /dev/hd??" with
the device number of that partition. But when I write "root = 0369" for
/dev/hdb5, lilo won't even work - ("0369 is not a number"), and when I
change it to simply root = 369 (minor and major numbers, right?), lilo
works, but when booting, it says that it "Cannot open root device 'e1'" or
e5, or something. I thought it should be 03, 45. But it doesn't work with
these numbers either.
It feels like I must be missing something really trivial.

Thanx for any help

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