problems with network setup sis900 in 10baseT mode

Rob van Dam rvandam at
Sat Jul 26 09:48:58 PDT 2003

I have a ethernet adsl modem. One computer is connected by a 10 mbit (4
wires) kabel. When I do a normal startup my ethernet and the switch keep

I have to force my network to go in 10 mbit mode. Everything goes o.k. when
I do this manually:

mii-diag -F 10baseT-FD eth0
ifconfig eth0 up netmask
dhcpcd eth0

My problem is however, when I want to do this in a script. Nothing works
even when I do a sleep 20 (or more) between the commands. I want to do this
in a script because I want to setup my network automatically.

When I run the commands like above in a script, I get the ifconfig message:
eth0: link on (etc.), but dhcpcd gives a time out. When I check afterwards
the link is off. When I leave dhcpcd out, I get a eth0: link on message, but
after I logged in the link is off.

I have a sis900 network adapter. As far as I know I can't load this as a
module in 10baseT mode (if you think I can, please let me know how).

Ifconfig doesn't work with the media 10baseT option. And ethtool doesn't
support the sis900 well.

Any idea?

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