Autoloading chipset driver with modules.conf

John Nielsen knoglen at
Sat Jul 26 02:33:13 PDT 2003

On Friday 25 July 2003 12:23, you wrote:
> On Friday 25 July 2003 15:32, John Nielsen wrote:
> > I have been trying for quite a long time now to get the IDE chipset
> > drivers (via82cxxx and pdc202xx_old) to load automatically at start up
> > just like we do with NIC's. I know that it is recommended to compile them
> > into the kernel and all, but i really have no need for that and i prefer
> > the module approach. I guess the ideal thing would be for the modules to
> > be loaded just before hdparm or be triggered by hdparm somehow.
> >
> > I am running linux-2.6 btw.
> That's OK since 2.4 kernels do not offer this possibility at all.
> > Btw, i tried to find the old thread to put in this mail again, but the
> > search engine is being reindexed, so i guess that will have to wait. :-)
> Try
> alias ide-probe-mod via82cxxx
> (not tested, but according to the kernel sources it is the only way, if
> any).

Hmm.. It didnt work. :-(

I got the idea of putting

alias ide0 via82cxxx 

into /etc/modules.conf. Then i put a simple 'modprobe ide0' into the 
bootscripts and that worked perfectly. I know, an ugly hack, but that way i 
get to choose the ide module i want from /etc/modules.conf.

I just have another problem now. I actueally have two ide controllers. The 
via82cxxx and pdc202xx_old modules are the right ones for these.

Easy. I just make an 'alias ide1 pdc202xx_old' in /etc/modules.conf and add a 
second modprobe command in the bootscripts. But that wont work for some 
reason. The first one loads fine and the second one makes the kernel go oops. 
It doesnt matter which of the modules are ide0 and ide1. It is allways the 
second one (ide1) that goes oops. 

I have tried to login as root and THEN run the modprobe ide0 and ide1 and that 
worked perfectly. I even did a 'modprobe ide0 ; modprobe ide1' to make sure 
that it wasnt caused by some timing thing. I allso put 'sleep 1' in between 
everything relevant in the boot scripts. It still kerneloopses....

Do you have any idea at all? This is weird...

John Nielsen

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