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Ng, Wey-Han meehoon at pd.jaring.my
Fri Jul 25 00:35:25 PDT 2003

Quoting "Declan. Moriarty" <declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie>:

> > I agree, but I also feel that most of the time, some effort on
> oneself
> > is necessary to break free of this unfortunate situation. Don't you
> > think so?
> >
> OK. Let's be straight, and talk about the particular application.
> This was a form for Canadian immigration in 2 halves; One to be filled
> in Canada, and one here by me. 
> I can open OO or some other editor of your choice and try to copy the
> bounding boxes and fonts; Time estimate - 3 hours.

This would be my recommendation provided the Canadian immigration 
accepts/appreciates your recreation of the forms.

> I can scan it as a 
> bitmap of some format (Time estimate - 10 minutes and one crash in
> windows, because sane isn't on this yet.

This will be the fall back if your recreated form is not acceptable to the 
Canadian immigration. Though I would suggest using a format like jpeg so it 
will not take a hit on disk space and RAM while you are processing the 
forms. Also, I will paste it on a word processor and create text box in the 
area you want to fill, save it as a template and create new docs based on 
the template for every new form.

> I can buy Acrobat, and open it
> there, I presume; Estimate 150USD (inc carriage) and two crashes in
> windoze. I was willing to put in the work; What should I have done?

Only if you would be using Acrobat in other work. Getting a copy of Acrobat 
just to fill in one type of form is a waste of money.

Alternatively, you could convert it to postscript and get someone to write 
you a program to fill in the forms from a database or a custom interface that 
prompts you for the information. It's especially handy to have such a 
program if you fill out these forms by the tons and you have some kind of 
database to pull the information from. I have no idea what is your load on 
these forms so I can't comment how much you need such a specialized 

> Speaking candidly, the L A S T thing I wanted to do was buy acrobat on
> principle. But it would have been the smart business approach - I'd
> have
> it there for next time I wanted to hack/create a pdf.

The would be the first thing I suggest NOT to do on principle. :> But, like 
you have put it, if it is your business needs, going for a copy of Acrobat 
would not be so bad.


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