ALSA permissions

Randolph D. Dach rdach at
Thu Jul 24 14:13:43 PDT 2003

here's an little tidbit that someone out there may find helpful.

I installed ALSA 0.9.5 and since i do everything as a user instead of root, except install the program as root, I created a problem in that everytime I tried to run amixer, aplayer or any other sound relate feature I had the old machine kick back a line to the effect that "permission denied"  

After hunting the documents, user lists, and faqs I gave up and started the process of trying to figure out why permissions were not granted on installation.

Lo and behold the installation program gives all the permissions to root and a group called "audio".   Any user not a member of the group "audio" cannot open any device or and therefore any ALSA program such as amixer. 

To solve this problem is easy.  Simply give the user rights to the group "audio" and of course remember to logout of all consoles etc the user is using otherwise the change in permissions will not take effect in other words the user cannot be logged in anywhere on the system when root changes permissions.

Sometines the hardest problems have the simplest answers but these can be the hardest to find.

I hope somewhere someplace this helps someone.

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