CVS 20030603 and BLFS shadow-4.0.3

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> Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:

> >
> > 1. Get a very large gun.
> >
> > 2. Press it gently against libtool-1.5.
> s/libtool-1.5/forehead/ <G>
> > 3. Pull the trigger.
> >
> > 4. Compile and install libtool-1.4.3.
> >
> > Libtool 1.5 is broken like hell with respect to numerous
> packages and
> > I
> > can only hope it's not actually in the CVS version of the
> book.  It's
> > a
> > shot in the dark on my part to guess that you're running it, but
> > considering that nothing else changes "so" to "0" when it messes up,
> > it's a pretty big target to shoot at.

Dagmar, and everyone else -

I brought this to the attention of LFS-dev a few months back, when we
discovered that libtool 1.5 was screwing with libfam.  The thread I
it is here in the archives:

The final determination was that this is a side effect of the patches
made to
fam and other packages...this is a quote from Greg a few messages into

<quote Greg Schaefer>
The breakage is caused by the rerunning of the autotools.  What is
is this:

 - The BLFS patch touches various autotools files that force them to be

 - part of this rerunning involves running aclocal

 - aclocal recreates aclocal.m4 (it's programmed to look at
/usr/share/aclocal which, lo & behold, contains libtool.m4 from the
libtool-1.5 package!)

 - we now have a mismatch coz the in the fam tarball is
1.4 but the aclocal.m4 was created from the 1.5 m4 file.  This is
broken, broken!

The fix is to run:

libtoolize --force

immediately after applying the fam patch


I'm in the process of building a LFS-CVS build right now, so I will test
out this libtoolize --force command to see if it does the right thing.

Hope this helps!


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