CVS 20030603 and BLFS shadow-4.0.3

S. Anthony Sequeira tony at
Thu Jul 24 16:21:19 PDT 2003

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 22:35:48 +0100
> "S. Anthony Sequeira" <tony at> wrote:
>> Dagmar,
>> I owe you major.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  This should be
>> fixed in the CVS book, it has cost me much sleep and a whole chunk of
>> time.  Hopefully, other would be LFSers will find this thread if it
>> ever happens to them.
> I'd like to put a note on my page of updated packages at
>  From this
> thread (and vague memories of previous ones) I believe this is due to
> the running of autoconf, right?  If so does this issue of renaming
> "so" to "0" *only* occur when a package's autoconf/automake stuff
> needs updating?  Whilst I acknowledge the problem is a major one, the
> affected audience is relatively small (i.e. *usually* only
> maintainers/developers of packages).
> Thanks for any clarification you can provide,
> Matt.

I cannot say that is the only circumstance that it happens, or that it
will happen every time that autoconf is run,
but yes, , this seems to happen to the shared libraries, with
shadow-4.0.3 at least.  I do not think that anything
else needed it at least for my build.   I have a log file if anyone
would care to peruse it, I am rather busy getting
my machine to a useable state, so's I don't have to share this blooming
XP machine with my family.  It would be
fairly easy to experiment on this, but I'm afraid, I have lost enough
time already, and will lose yet more.
<OT> My aged mother was knocked down by a hit and run driver and is in
hospital.  The bloody idiot reversed
into her at high speed, ran over her leg, breaking it in 2 places, and
sped off.  She's in hospital, and I will be
spending quite a lot of time there. </OT>

Let me know if you want the logfile.


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