hotplug and 8139too

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar.wants at
Thu Jul 24 13:15:31 PDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 08:13, Oliver Martin wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a problem with hotplug: whenever I insert my Edimax 4103dl 
> CardBus NIC into my laptop, it tries loading 8139cp and fails as the 
> card needs 8139too. I compiled both because I wasn't sure which one my 
> card needed. When I modprobe 8139too manually, it works fine. Also, 
> blacklisting or renaming 8139cp doesn't make it load 8139too: it just 
> doesn't load anything then. As a quick fix, I've replaced hotplug's 
> default pci.agent with a script that loads 8139too and runs 
> /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifup eth0. That works when I really 
> _hot_plug the card, but I haven't got coldplugging to work as described 
> on the linux-hotplug page. When I configure their /etc/init.d/hotplug 
> script to be loaded at startup, it just spits out error messages. And, 
> of course, when I force it to insert the 8139too module, it complains 
> about missing hardware when the card isn't inserted. Has anyone got 
> hotplug to work correctly, or are there any alternatives that can handle 
> CardBus cards?

Please report this as a bug to the hotplug devel group, as this sounds
very like the dependency information contained within hotplug is just
plain wrong wrt to this hardware.  It's rather likely that this is a
brokenness in their package which they haven't noticed yet.  They'll
especially love you if you tell them the fix, too.

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