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Josef Sevcik josef.sevcik at
Thu Jul 24 11:16:57 PDT 2003

Oliver Martin wrote:

> Josef Sevcik schrieb:
>> Ok, check whether you have kernel sources in /usr/src/linux
> Yes, it's a symlink to linux-2.4.21

Sounds good...

>> (or use --with-kernel=...).
> I actually have to even if it's the default location, 
> --with-moddir=/lib/modules/2.4.21/kernel/drivers/sound seems to 
> confuse the configure script a bit.

In such case try to use configure without this flags, let configure to 
find the right places.

>> Check whether you have .config there.
> Yes
>> Is the kernel you are runnig the same as the one in /usr/src/linux 
>> directory?
> Yes
>> Check for kernel version (alsa is part of kernel till 2.5.xx ages, so 
>> it don't have sence to install it separately).
> What do you mean by "check for kernel version"? I'm using 2.4.21 on a 
> fresh LFS system (20030603). As 2.6.0 isn't out by now, alsa being in 
> the kernel tree doesn't help me much and I don't want to run an 
> unstable kernel release (at least for normal use).

Ok, but you didn't tell it before ;) Only what I wanted to say is do not 
compile separate alsa package with 2.5.xx or 2.6 kernel.

> BTW is it true that I have to use gcc 2.95.3 for all kernel modules? 
> But that isn't the source of my problem, I've tried both 3.2.3 and 
> 2.95.3.

Yes, you have to use the same compiler (2.95.3 - maybe it's possible to 
use different compiler, but use the same for all, kernel and modules). 
Other compilers use little bit different structures and the code is 
incompatible (I know what I'm talking about) . Maybe here is the point. 
(I have no idea how are the variables from Kernel .config propagated to 
alsa sources, know anybody this?)

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