how to install personal wiki?

Guenter Hopf qe1 at
Thu Jul 24 10:38:05 PDT 2003


looks like your php application expects register_globals to be on.

register_globals = on 
to your php.ini file, restart apache and try again.

hope this helps,

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 21:38, Olaf Grüttner wrote:
> I have apache2 and php running. Now I want to install a wiki on my
> system.
> I have tried the phpwiki but it fails with these errors:
> lib/DbaDatabase.php:32: Fatal[256]: driver initialization failed
> lib/config.php:276: Notice[8]: Undefined variable: SCRIPT_NAME
> lib/config.php:381: Notice[1024]: The admin password cannot be empty.
> Please update your /index.php
> lib/config.php:401: Notice[8]: Undefined index: dsn
> Is there a lfs user out there with a short hint how to do it?
> Greetings
> Olaf
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