alsa & oss

Josef Sevcik josef.sevcik at
Thu Jul 24 10:32:03 PDT 2003

Ok, check whether you have kernel sources in /usr/src/linux (or use 
Check whether you have .config there.
Is the kernel you are runnig the same as the one in /usr/src/linux 
Check for kernel version (alsa is part of kernel till 2.5.xx ages, so it 
don't have sence to install it separately).

Oliver Martin wrote:

> Hi,
> I just tried compiling alsa-driver-0.9.5 with no luck: Make bombs out 
> with the message "Enable the OSS soundcore multiplexer (CONFIG_SOUND) 
> in the kernel." I re-checked my kernel config and I have CONFIG_SOUND 
> compiled as a module. I could also load it with no problems. According 
> to the BLFS book, I don't have any other sound options set, including 
> OSS. Are those instructions wrong or am I doing something wrong?

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