[OT] Re: Editing PDFs

Ng, Wey-Han meehoon at pd.jaring.my
Thu Jul 24 10:08:24 PDT 2003

Quoting Ian Molton <spyro at f2s.com>:

> > Exporting is generally a one-time procedure that converts the file
> into 
> > a format to be 'exported' to another person or system.
> Thats the key - exporting is the creation of a file which cannot be
> edited fully. thats all.

To further clarify:
When an application can save into a *A* format, it means that this 
application can also edit/manipulate files in *A* format natively. When an 
application can export into *B* format, it means that it cannot 
edit/manipulate files in *B* format unless the files is imported into a 
supported format (provided that import of that *B* format is also supported).

As in the case of OO, I don't believe it has support Import pdf files for 
obvious reasons. :>

After saying that, anyone can choose to write apps that don't follow this 
convention and produce really bad User Interface apps.


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